It Isn’t Always Wanted: “Grief Phrases”

I’ve had some time to reflect since those beginning days. I didn’t always love my actions or my quietness or the way I kept most of the pain sheltered from those closest to me. I ate too much, I didn’t sleep enough, I walked around fine when I felt so far from it. I saidContinue reading “It Isn’t Always Wanted: “Grief Phrases””

Change, Change, and More Change

Change. The thing we want to run from, but never seem to get enough of a head start. The most silent, yet debilitating part of grief; the wound creator. I have never liked the aspects of the 6-letter word. We’re all fed the bullshit: without change, there is no growth. And that’s true, in aContinue reading “Change, Change, and More Change”

A Broken Heart Always Hurts Worse

I don’t always know how to deal with life’s hardest moments. I get angry and I fall apart and all those are normal, yes, but is shedding a tear really helping to heal all of my deep wounds? I am really, really sad right now, guys. My heart is in shambles and I am strugglingContinue reading “A Broken Heart Always Hurts Worse”

Changing the way we View Suicide

I have come to realize that there are a lot of wrongful assumptions about suicide, or people who die by suicide. In some cultures, it is considered a sin, a crime even. In others, it is considered to be a cowardice decision stemming from anxiety about receiving help. I am here to tell you thatContinue reading “Changing the way we View Suicide”

To My Father After His Suicide

The man was in pain, and had been for a long time. He had been drowning in silent sorrows, fighting to keep himself from sinking. Now, he no longer yielded the strength. Before his impending, inescapable death, he held his daughter’s face in his hands, whispering through tears and sobs, that he loved her dearly,Continue reading “To My Father After His Suicide”

The Black Dahlia(Poem)

The heart of my soul spewed gusts of red. Shards sliced through numbness, leaving me all alone in a field of sorrow. Black Dahlia’s shot angrily from the ground, wrapping its stems around my bruised skin. I kicked and flailed, hollered and wailed, their sickening breath taunting me. With my feet shackled to the ground,Continue reading “The Black Dahlia(Poem)”


I am a writer, so my mind is always thinking and formulating new ideas: TV shows, movies, books, poems and posts. People have told me for years that they would love to be inside my brain, even if for a day. Honestly, if that were possible, people would learn about every celebrity on planet EarthContinue reading “SHOWERS AND LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS”


Most mornings, especially in the beginning, the idea of sleeping the day away was both appealing and comforting. I had no motivation to face the world in which his presence was only here in spirit, and there was also a strong force of fear breathing down my neck. I was petrified to walk the earthContinue reading “SHOULDN’T THERE BE A SEAT FOR HIM AT THAT TABLE?”