We are Forever (Happy Birthday)

I get asked all of the time about being a twin, and I respond by saying that Lex and I are close, but that we are just like every other pair of siblings. But the truth is, our relationship and our bond is so far different from others.

We complete one another. We keep each other grounded. We feel the other’s pain and happiness. We grow together. We fall apart together. We learn together. We survive together.

Alexa is the first person in the world that I want to tell any form of news to, good or bad. Her deep support is beyond appreciated and is what helps me to keep going when I feel as though I am unraveling before my own eyes.

Alexa is kind. She is funny. She is loyal. She loves deeply. She feels passionately. She walks with grace. She survives with admirable strength. If you are lucky enough to receive Lex’s love, then you better hold on tight; losing it would be a great deprivation.

Alexa Logan Levitt, I wish you nothing but the utmost happiness in the world. Life has not been easy to you, and most days I find myself questioning why. That innocent heart of yours has felt so much anguish and it hurts me profoundly to have witnessed it break. But still, you continue to hold that head up high and walk through life with so much affection and tenderness.

Lex, I love you and I am so proud of you. I promise to protect and to love you, to value you and to be there for you. Till the end of time, you have me. Happy 17th Birthday.

5 thoughts on “We are Forever (Happy Birthday)

  1. This is one of your most beautiful posts. I am friends from college with one of your mom’s friends, Tara. I am thinking of you and your family and sending love and strength. You are a treasure and have such a unique voice. You are most generous and courageous to share yourself. I feel honored to journey with you. Hoping you and your family feel lifted up by your loved ones and community- I “lift” from afar. ❤️


  2. This is an incredible post!
    Happy Birthday 🎈
    You will always have each other
    I agree nothing is better than a sister
    A twin has to be the BEST!!!


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