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Welcome to the “We Got This Blog.” I am so blessed that you are here with me as a part of this beautiful community. The death of my father nearly three years ago, at just 14 years old, broke me, but through writing, I was able to start to heal. My journey has not been easy, and many days I still unravel or fall apart, but I am alive. I am here. And guess what? You are too.

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Not Yet, Heaven

I thought I was going to die. Laying on that floor, my ankle cut open from the glass, my mom sobbing and my sister on the phone with 911, I thought: this is it. This is the end. But somewhere through the fear, a tear of acceptance reached my lips. If this was truly theContinue reading “Not Yet, Heaven”

Podcast Points

My favorite podcast in the world is called, “Whine Down,” and it is hosted by country singer and actress Jana Kramer. Kramer, who is a mom of two, explores life after her very public divorce to her lying, cheating, narcissistic (you can clearly tell I hate the man) husband. She dives deep into pain, grief,Continue reading “Podcast Points”


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Why Did I Start a Blog?

I have always loved to write, even as a little girl. When my father first passed in 2019, my mother suggested that I journal as a way to help process my grief and soon, it became my safe space. I knew that I had the power to help those out there who were dealing with the loss of a loved one and even those who were dealing with their own mental health issues. After my father’s suicide, I had come to the conclusion that I never wanted anyone else out there to struggle, to feel lonely, or to hide behind smiles or jokes. Everyone’s life matters and is worth living; I can promise you that.


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