Coming up with names for things is not my best skill, even as a writer. However, when it came to naming my blog, I knew I wanted the name to have significant meaning in my life. “We Got This” is a phrase that my mom has been using for many years, especially if I was nervous about an upcoming event. It is crazy to me that an expression I have been hearing for the last 15 years is even more comforting now. Another common phrase that is used in my house is “You Got This,” but I wanted the name to encourage everyone as a whole, not as an individual. I really do hope that my blog provides a place of comfort and the knowledge that you are not alone because you are not alone.


  1. I love you so much Dyl!! You are a strong and incredible person!!! You will get so far in life!!! Please be you!! Please continue going through your journey knowing that you are putting an amazing impact on every person who reads this!! You are truly a special good gift!! I love you


  2. Your words speak volumes and I hope that your message helps others. You continue to impress me and make me smile. True strength and courage.
    We Got This ❤️


  3. Dylan, I truly have no words that can adequately express all my thoughts and feelings. I am so heartbroken that I lost my very cherished firstborn. I loved and will always love him beyond any words can explain. The pain he must have been in is excruciating for me and the pain that you, Alexa and Mom and all of us must endure tears me to shreds. I derive all my strength and my will to go on from the 3 of you, and the rest of my beautiful family. This blog made me hysterical but the pride I feel for you puts purpose to my days. I know Dad loved you all with everything he had. Your words will undoubtedly help so very many. You are strong, brave, compassionate and the most loving person and a gift to everyone in your path. Although I feel broken constantly, I also know I am so blessed in having my loving family and we will be here to always remember Dad and honor the special person he was. His crazy sense of humor made him the center on every place he entered. So many people loved him and all of you. I am so proud to be your Bubba and please know, I will always have your back. Thank you my amazing girl and keep doing what you do, you’ve got this❤️


  4. Incredible. It’s amazing to see something so beautiful come from something so tragic. Your words will surely help others. So proud of your strength and courage, your ability to inspire and the wonderful young lady you’ve become. You got this.


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