To My Father After His Suicide

The man was in pain,

and had been for a long time.

He had been drowning in silent sorrows,

fighting to keep himself from sinking.

Now, he no longer yielded the strength.

Before his impending, inescapable death,

he held his daughter’s face in his hands,

whispering through tears and sobs,

that he loved her dearly,

and that he would always love her,

but the weight of the world had finally broken him.

The blue eyed girl begged him to stay,

hollering that this could not be the end,

and that it was not his time to go. 

She was not ready to love an angel. 

My dear, he muttered,

I will be your strength in a field of darkness,

the heart and soul that will keep you wise and prudent,

and the air that will provide you oxygen to breathe,

even when you feel like you can’t.

I will be the stars which provide you a beautiful place

that will take you to your divine destiny.

And while I may be god’s newest angel,Please never forget that I was your father first.

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