The Black Dahlia(Poem)

The heart of my soul

spewed gusts of red.

Shards sliced through numbness,

leaving me all alone in a field of sorrow.

Black Dahlia’s shot angrily from the ground,

wrapping its stems around my bruised skin.

I kicked and flailed, hollered and wailed,

their sickening breath taunting me.

With my feet shackled to the ground,

and my hands raw from tightness,

I cried and screamed, hurt and breathed,

pain scampering against exposed epidermis. 

As a single tear fell from my eye,

I prayed to god that he unclasp the stems,

and save me in a cursory manner

from the alienation of my weeping. 

Yet, my hollers were left unheard,

And my cries left unnoticed. 

The Black Dahlias continued to dry up my pain as fuel,

Their sharp leaves tearing away at any ounce of hope. 

Please, I whispered,

Please someone come rescue me,

For I cannot hold on any longer.

My faith is starting to slip away. 

The only sound I received was the sound of

everything I loved getting ripped away.

3 thoughts on “The Black Dahlia(Poem)

  1. Dylan – your willingness to share so many parts of your journey and yourself is beautiful and a testament to your deep love for your dad, your whole family and for life itself. All who come into contact with you are blessed. Please take good care.


  2. Anyone who has suffered a loss shares the pain you have eloquently expressed. This touched my soul and I know it will touch others, thank you Dylan.


  3. Dylan, I hope you know how much your blog is helping others. I work in a school where we have a fair share of students who have lost a parent or family member to suicide. I always give them your blog information so that they can learn appropriate ways to cope and so that they know they are not alone in their struggle. Your writing is truly remarkable ❤️.


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