This post hits home obviously, for many reasons, and each time I think about this topic, anger begins to boil inside of me. Mental illness is a real, raw, painful thing that millions of people experience around the world. It is not a topic to be discussed lightly or to be made into some form of a Tik Tok joke. Please educate yourselves before you start spreading what could potentially be fake bouts of depression or anxiety. 

I heard from a good friend of mine that there is such a thing called, “KMS”, which is the abbreviation for “Kill Myself.” This is so beyond wrong on so many different levels, I can barely fathom how someone could think this okay. “KMS” is not a slang term, and it should not be considered some Gen Z shit. As someone who lost their father to suicide, it makes me sick to think that people can write this or post it on social media. You never know what people are internally going through or their struggles, and the demons they may be silently facing. Anyone can walk around wearing a fake smile and put on a mask that disguises their true pain. People can be the greatest liars. 

I had always known about suicide, but I had never, personally known someone who had taken their own life. Yes, I remember hearing that news that Glee alum, Mark Salling, and famous designer, Kate Spade had both committed suicide. My phone was flooded with articles with this information and their faces were plastered on every magazine cover that entered the little slot through my front door. I sat outside and thought about Kate Spade’s daughter, and how she would have to live the rest of her life without her mother. The future she had once envisioned was ripped away in an instant. Now, unfortunately, I am in a similar position as her daughter, and let me tell you that suicide is not some made up act. It exists. 

My point is just because you have never experienced mental illness, does not mean that it does not butt its ugly head into many lives each and everyday. Please be cautious of what you say and write, because “KMS” is not cute and can be incredibly triggering. For too long, mental health phrases have been normalized and used in situations where they are not welcome. Saying that you were would rather kill yourself than complete your homework is unacceptable and disgusting. I can only imagine the thoughts that were running through my dad’s head that led him to do what he did, and it saddens me to know that people can be so insensitive. Do not be that person, be better. However, if you are experiencing feelings that may related to mental illness, please consult with a trusted adult and doctor.


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