She had built a wall inside her body,

shielding anyone from seeing what was behind it. 

On the outside, she appeared as just a girl with blue eyes,

who was kind and silly,

whose heart seemed full and whole. 

But that was not the type of girl behind the wall.

That girl,

the one who slept in a tiny bed,

if she ever slept at all,

was broken and scared and in denial. 

That girl pounded on the door to come out,

yelling at the top of her lungs,

to experience the world beneath her toes. 

She begged and begged,

until the night ignited through her window,

reminding her that another day had passed and no one had come to her rescue.

She felt like Rapunzel,

locked away and forgotten.

Each time she tried to leave, 

even caught a glimpse of the unknown,

she was thrown back into the same, tiny room,

with nothing but darkness to keep her company. 

If only people could see her,

see the person she truly was. 

See the pain that she really felt,

hear the cries she really cried. 

Maybe if the girl on the outside could let people in,

she could find the strength to get herself out. 

It is okay,

The girl behind the wall wanted to say. 

It is okay to let people see me,

for you do not need to be ashamed of me.

I may not define you, but I am a part of you. 

If only you would allow someone to look through my window,

you would discover that you are still the same, strong girl.

That being vulnerable does not make you weak.

More than anything, 

the girl on the outside wished that she could let the girl inside out.

Let her sing and dance,

let her smell the rain. 

But she simply was not ready yet.

One day, she would be.

One day, the girl behind the wall would be free,

but today was simply not that day. 


  1. That is beautiful, Dylan! You are a very talented writer, and I thank you for sharing your journey with us. One day that girl will be free to step out of the darkness and smell the rain.


  2. Thank you, Dylan, and Leslie for sharing,

    When the girl behind the wall finally discovers she can unbuild it, crawling out into the open sunlight will feel so much better,,,



  3. This is the most moving poem I have ever, ever read. Dylan you are simply incredibly talented and so loved


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