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Welcome to the “We Got This Blog.” I am so blessed that you are here with me as a part of this beautiful community. The death of my father nearly three years ago, at just 14 years old, broke me, but through writing, I was able to start to heal. My journey has not been easy, and many days I still unravel or fall apart, but I am alive. I am here. And guess what? You are too.

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Why Did I Start a Blog?

 have always loved to write, even as a little girl. When my father first passed in 2019, my mother suggested that I journal as a way to help process my grief and soon, it became my safe space. I knew that I had the power to help those out there who were dealing with the loss of a loved one and even those who were dealing with their own mental health issues. After my father’s suicide, I had come to the conclusion that I never wanted anyone else out there to struggle, to feel lonely, or to hide behind smiles or jokes. Everyone’s life matters and is worth living; I can promise you that.

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